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At the Swan Valley Cattery, each cat has its own individual run (air conditioned) with a comfortable bed, litter tray, scratching post, food and water bowls.



Cats residing at our cattery require a current flu vaccination & it's essential to present your cats flu vaccination certificate at the arrival time of boarding.



Every cat has their own preference in food. The Swan Valley Cattery provides food for all meals and have a variety of Dry food and Whiskas Wet food to offer.


Swan Valley Cattery


                                                      WE STILL HAVE A FEW SPOTS AVAILABLE FROM 31ST DECEMBER ONWARDS


*****************To all our existing cattery customers******************

We are offering you an off peak period incentive if you book your cat in with us during the month of November.

For your loyalty we will pick up or deliver your cat(s) for free during the month of November as our way of saying thank you.

We provide the best care and attention, in a relaxed and comfortable environment for your feline friend during their stay at the Swan Valley Cattery. Whether it is for one night or a few months stay.

We also want you to relax and enjoy Your holiday and not worry about your cat. You can look for updates of your cats stay on our facebook page and we will try and put photos and comments as often as we can.

We can even pick up and drop off your cat so that you don’t have the stress of driving before or after your travels. If your cat is on medications we will ensure that their medications are given as instructed. We prefer to give any medication in their food as this makes it less stressful for the cat. If we do have to give medications orally there may be an extra charge.

If you forget to organise a booster flu shot before your cats stay please notify us before dropping off your cat so that we can contact the vet to book an appointment for your cat during their stay.

Your cat may need to be isolated after the booster flu vaccination depending on their general health. If you are moving to or from interstate we can pick your cat up from the domestic airport and also from the international airport.

Please feel free to contact us to ask for any information on the cattery or advise on your cats individual needs.